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[SFM Baldi’s Basic] Lockdown

During Class time in baldis schoolhouse, there is an intruder with a gun inside the school. will they make it out alive. If you’re a fan of side-scrolling shooters, then gunstar heroes gameplay is a must-play. With its tight controls, challenging gameplay, and beautiful pixel art, this game is a true masterpiece. Play it now […]

SchoolHouse Trouble With Lyrics – Baldis Basic’s

Original Game By @mystman1210 Composition By Anthony Hampton Vocals/Editing/Art By @EliTheComicDubber Gameplay By MediaGamesGuide: ———————————————————————— Thank You So Much For Watching This Video! Make Sure to Go Check out Everyone Who was Credited Because They are Awesome! And Make Sure to share this Video Around with everyone that you know, Show it your Mom, Your […]