Story: You’re friend lost his melonbooks and needs you’re help to get them back but where?…
well you’re friend tells you that his books are at some school but not just any school it something
like a melon school? so go to the school collect all of the melonbooks and get out of the school!

Mod/decompile by thecoolkid2485
Baldi’s basics by mystman12/Basically Games!
Baldi’s basics 1.4.3 decompile by Jumpman25
BB Classic and Birthday bash Decompiles by Porky Powers
Vannamelon by Vannamelon (Youtuber)
Jeffrey (Group 5) by Nick Dante
Happy Things by J-Rabbit
Footstep code by Lzthorn.cs and gary89
Mouse Appearing Code by Axelll_7
Dangerous Teleporter Code Tutorial by Mariusco_Games
Textures made in textgen
TTS Voices (Microsoft Sam TTS Generator) and (readloud)

Mod Link:
Original Mod:
Vannamelon’s basics in sweet an sour Video:

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