Hi Guys, What’s sup my Pro’s it’s me Callahan again Aka Callahanpro9054 and today I’m playing the Game on roblox Called Baldis Basics Ultra wich is a game that has sooooooooo much to it like, Modded Characters, Fanmade Characters, Some New Items probably and There’s more, And Btw The MAP IS SERIOUSLY A GIANT Which I appreciate it :D, I do like this game too!!

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*Also Happy Cinco De Mayo Day to all of u fella’s*

Mystman12 for Baldi
SamKelm For Normal Game
MoldyGH For Dave
Le Billy For the Billy Sprite
Splintza For the Saintza Sprite
Emerald For Baldi With a Gun
*Thats all of da Credits*

Here’s the Link for da Game: