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Wow it’s been a while. So let’s do this SEO thing. In this video, Thafnine talks about Baldi’s Basics. From game jams to boss battles, Thafnine breaks down all the Baldi games that got the franchise to where it is today. Baldi’s Basics is a horror game franchise created by Basically, Games! Also known as Mystman12. This video is a Baldi’s Basics retrospective, a Baldi’s Basics lore video if you will, a Baldi’s Basics endings video covering everything about Baldi and Baldi’s Basics! Interestingly enough, this Baldi’s Basics video will take you on a journey documenting how difficult Baldi’s Basics is, including the fact that Baldi’s AI is extremely intricate for such a silly little game. This game also talks about Baldi’s Basics Plus and the many things you can encounter during Baldi’s Basics Plus, and Baldi’s Basics Classic Remastered, as well as the Baldi’s Basics Classic Remastered NULL Boss fight and more! This video was a year in the making and I hope this Baldi’s Basics animated video was worth the wait! I know it seems weird to title it this instead of ‘How Baldi’s Basics Changed Horror’ but I feel like this title is better. This also covers some theories about Baldi’s Basics and even talks about some of the early Baldi’s Basics fangames such as Advanced Education with Viktor Strobovski and Baldi’s Unreal Basics, an Unreal Engine fangame of Baldi’s Basics.


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