James Baldinson, a brilliant but reclusive genius, known for his educational games, reinvention of countless maths theories and thought to be a rising star destined to change the world. Thought to be. That was until he started to hide away, as he deteriorated his search to solve the ultimate equation became ever more desperate, obsessive, wreckless. Just what happened to Baldi… #shorts

This channel is a collection of my animated shorts and creations all made by me, mostly horror-based. Everything on the channel is created and animated by me in primarily Adobe Animate. I also have a TikTok account with the same name that I started before this account. I noticed people were taking my animations and putting them on here, so I decided to create an account of my own.

If you enjoy animated shorts of a sinister (and sometimes not so sinister) variety, then stick around and give my videos a watch. Thanks for visiting my channel!