Shashi’s Technological Educational Gaming 3.7 Update – Baldi’s Basics Mod


Shashi2005 – 3D and 2D Artist, Musician & 3 Characters Voice Acting

Baldi’s Fixed 1.4.3 Decompile
Porky Powers – Fixed 1.4.3 Decompile
Ghost1664535 – Original 1.4.3 Decompile

Special Thanks
DatOneLaziMan – For The Baldi Custom Map Helper Tool

Baldi’s Basics
mystman12 – Created Baldi’s Basics

saintza4 – Randomize Lose Sounds
punkred – BBCR-Styled Staminometer Prefab
Barnerror_Games – Footsteps Script

2 Characters Resprite
Rinolit_2 – 3D Modeler

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Shashi’s Technological Educational Gaming V3.7
Baldis Basics Mod