HECK???? I REACHED 7k +ALREADY??….Thank you all so much! This video is suppose to actually be a continuation of the H.A.Y meme, so if you didn’t watch that yet I suggest you check that out so you don’t get too confused 😀

I almost ended up not doing this animation because of the lack of motivation. However I kept on getting all your wonderful comments which helped me move forward and I thank you again for that.

The person who inspired me to do a baldis basics animation was balderdash lee. (if you don’t know her GO CHECK OUT HER CHANNEL HER ART IS AMAZING)and yes that is why filename’s hair looks the way it is in my animations.




All BBIEAL characters belong to mystman12!

Song- Opinions (Original mix)-CG5

Original meme by Cherripoxi

School work is starting to pile on but I’ll try to upload. Again…TYSM FOR YOUR PATIENCE.