so i decided to return to baldi’s schoolhouse and play baldi’s basics plus after a new update to the game added a bunch of new enemies. is the game still scary? can i even beat it? find out…

edited by cazsu:


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In this video Thafnine plays Baldi’s Basics Plus once again after a year to see whether the game is still scary. What Happened To Baldi’s Basics? Well nothing really, the game is still going well and even has a Baldi’s Basics kickstarter where the developer of the game is trying to fund a full release of Baldi’s Basics Plus which is in early access. This video contains a ton of Baldi jumpscares and some new characters from Baldi’s Basics and has some CURSED Baldi memes (it doesn’t) and some CURSED VTuber moments (it does). Thafnine revisted Baldi’s Basics and revisited Baldi’s Basics Plus and offers a small Baldi’s Basics Retrospective about what happened during the development of the game, and also looks at a couple of new things that occurred during the development of Baldi’s Basics. If this video hits 1,500 likes, then Thafnine may revisit SCP and try to speedrun it again. He also did attempt to speedrun Baldi’s Basics but didn’t beat any world record. He also got the rare anti-piracy Baldi’s Basics screen and talks about the new Baldi’s Basics ending.

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