I GOT EVERY QUESTION WRONG AND BEAT BALDI’S BASICS | Baldi’s Basics More Maths | Today The Frustrated Gamer is back to the Baldi’s Basics mod called Baldi’s Basics More Maths. I will be getting EVERY QUESTION WRONG Baldi’s Basics and still beating the game for the Baldi’s Basics secret ending! I Have seen pghlfilms and IULITM take on this challenge so I will be trying it too! Baldi’s Basics Every Question Wrong is a challenge you all have been asking me to try for months and today is finally the day! Let’s Play Baldi’s Basics getting Every Question Wrong!
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► Below is a link to the new Baldi’s Basics mod which is the Easiest Baldi’s Basics Mod | Baldi’s Basics More Maths! This is what I used to do the Baldi’s Basics Every Question wrong challenge!

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Thank you so much for watching me try to get the Baldi’s Basics Secret ending by getting EVERY QUESTION WRONG AND BEATING BALDI’S BASICS!