I now have a full guide (kind of) to completing the game!

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Here is a full-ish list of tips, some may or may not work very well for you, but they good to keep in mind!

Baldi’s Basics Classic Remastered on Steam:

1 – Keep your distance. 1st prize & NoSquee may be able to help you with this. Baldi does become faster than your walking speed on the 4th notebook, but barely.

2 – Try to get the 2 notebooks in the middle of the school first. These ones are a bit awkward to get, so get these ones first (If you can, if not its no big deal)

3 – Get the notebook on the left side of the school after the middle ones. Not much else to say on this, but you may need to lead Baldi away from there, or if he does not see you, can use a NoSquee and sit in the room for a little and wait until Baldi is far (You can also get this one last if you know what you are doing)

4 – Try to get the 2 notebooks on the right side last. MAKE SURE BALDI DOES NOT KNOW YOU ARE THERE! You may only be able to get one of them until Baldi gets too close. In that case try to loop around that hallway and lose Baldi.

5 – If the principle catches you running, try to run towards the anti hearing tape (If you are near enough) and grab it. Use it when Baldi gets close to the detention room (MAKE SURE BALDI IS NOT IN SIGHT WHEN YOU LEAVE THE ROOM, OTHERWISE THE TAPE DOES NOTHING). Or, you can lead Baldi away from the detention room incase you cannot get the tape.

6 – If principle is right next to you, and at a door (Yellow or blue, does not matter) you can see if he will open it for you so that you do not attract Baldi. (Principle is likely to go in the classrooms on the right side). Any character can also open doors but good luck with that one.

7 – Baldi does lose track of you when you take a turn without him seeing you. A good spot to do this is that one hall with the comics in the middle of the school (Sit by the door, don’t open it until you are ready to gain his attention again). If he does lose you, he will start wandering and checking class and faculty rooms to find you.

8 – Captions on

9 – Have patience. It may take MANY runs to complete, whether due to RNG or user error. But the more you try, you may start to able to handle those bad situations a little better!

00:00 Classic Run
7:12 Party Run
17:11 Demo Run
26:22 Fails
28:46 Classic Ending
29:28 Party Ending
31:00 Demo Ending
33:18 Secret Code