Freddy’s Pizzeria With An Insane Creatures Toys DLC NEW UPDATE – Baldi’s Basics Mod


RedstoneSC – Artist, Conceptionist and Voice Actor
Braindeadlycheesestick – Animator, Programmer, 3D Modeller, Composer and Coder

Special Thanks
blayms – Baldicator Tutorial
MasterGeorge090 – Custom Questions Code
Jameekfangamer – Sadly no Gamebanana account, but he made the wonderful extended banner
harryboi the stupid – Rigged Gab Model (i forgor to add in credits waaaa)
mystman12 – Original game

Mod Link:

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Baldis Basics Mod, Freddy’s Pizzeria 2, Freddy’s Pizzeria With An Insane Creatures