is a Comparison of Evolution of Baldi’s Life: Baby Baldi to Old Man Baldi even Depends on age – But Baldi’s Angel OVERPOWERED Expert Mode. The Different Stages of Life in Baldi’s Basics Mods

1. Baby baldi’s basics

2. Baldi’s Old Basics

3. Baldi’s Basics Original

4. Baldi’s basics 20 years later

5. Baldi’s In A Wheelchair

6. Baldi’s Basics Trap out of control V1.2.1

7. Baldi is an Angel

00:00 Baby Baldi
04:57 Child Baldi
10:09 Adult Baldi
14:57 Baldi 20 Years Later
20:29 Baldi in a Wheelchair
27:17 RIP Baldi Died
31:21 Baldi is an Angel
35:58 Outro

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