BALDI’S FUNERAL MADE ME CRY | New Baldi’s Basics Mod | The Frustrated Gamer is back with a new baldi’s basics in education and learning mod and and today is baldi’s funeral! I killed baldi once again and this time we playtime and the principal are having a baldi funeral. The name of the baldi mod is Baldi’s Basics Trap out of control. See if the frustrated gamer can collect all 7 notebooks without killing baldi and escape the school! Let’s play baldi’s basics mod with the frustrated gamer!
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► Below is a link to the new Baldi’s Basics mod called Baldi’s Basics Trap out of control!

Thank you so much for watching The Frustrated Gamer try to escape another new Baldi’s Basics mod where BALDI’S FUNERAL MADE ME CRY!