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What do you know about that school?
Do you know about that school?
What do you know about that school?

He’s coming closer
Having no bother
Did you hear slapping?
Oh! Escaping!

He teaches us a lesson
And we have a question
How do we survive?
How we can survive?

Survive? What are you talking for?
Go to the class and wash the floor!
All that you need is pretty high score!
And no running, guys, you know

I will break your little soul
Grade you up!
Grade you up!
Stop the laugh!
Check this easy and nice equation
What is wrong with situation?


Wrong! You wrong!
[sample] Wrong! You wrong!

Get out!
Get out while you still can!


Спасибо за то, что вы с нами!
We love you all!


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