Here is a kinda-guide to beating these secret Null and Glitch modes! These are quite hard but hopefully with my tips you won’t have as much trouble. Also check the pinned comment for more tips!

Baldi’s Basics Classic Remastered on Steam:

How to unlock:
1 – Encounter Null in every game style

2 – Play any game style with all of the fun settings enabled (I recommend classic)

3 – On the game styles screen, click on the Baldi at the bottom of the screen

I saw some others make videos showing these modes and their endings but they all had some sort of cheats on. I made this to show and maybe help y’all with completing these!

00:00 Null Style
7:25 Null Boss Fight
9:00 Null Ending
11:46 Glitch Style
18:50 Glitch Boss Fight
20:12 Glitch Ending
21:44 Fail Compilation