A brief explanation of all of the current characters of Baldi’s Basics, with the exception of secret characters either because they have nothing to explain or are similar to existing ones. This video does not go super in-depth, just explains their core mechanics.

I purposely did not include event and item interactions with the characters! Those will be in a separate video. Even though I did mention a few…

Baldi’s Basics Plus on Steam:

Baldi’s Basics Classic Remastered on Steam:

0:00 Baldi
4:02 Principal of the Thing
6:21 Playtime
7:32 It’s a Bully!
8:47 Gotta Sweep
9:45 1st Prize
11:29 Arts & Crafters
12:25 Cloudy Copter
13:11 Beans
14:24 Chalkles
15:27 Mrs. Pomp (VOLUME WARNING)
17:23 The Test
19:41 Why I may have not included some…