Well so this is baldis basics the game that you will collect 7 NoteBooks and escape this schoolhouse
The teacher know as called Baldi he has a great hearing and if you got 1 wrong question he will be so mad 😡

The principal that you can’t break the rules:

No running
No drinking Bsoda
No enter school faculty rooms
No escape the detention

And the playtime that you will jump rope 0/5 times you can get rid of it by useing safety scissors
Pretty annoying right?

The 1st prize will hug you until the end of the hall way you can stop hugging by useing safety scissors

The Arts and Crafters he was jealous by the player has many notebooks

The sweeping time! Instead hireing the janitor hire the broom! It’s clean everything!!!

The bully he is a bully taking the items to pass if the players has no items he will not go passsssssssssss

There are 4 exits 3 of them are the blocking but 1 has the escape

Congratulations you found all 7 Notebooks now all I need to do is… GET OUT THIS SCHOOLHOUSE!!!!!! hahaha