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Baldi’s Basics Plus is a state-of-the-art, fully 3D interactive, fun-time educational game that teaches a slew of subjects! From math to spelling, you’ll learn a lot! Meet Baldi’s friends along the way. Use the items scattered around the school and for the art’s content while you look for all the notebooks! This game doesn’t just teach education, it also teaches FUN!
Do not get the answer wrong though. You will ask for trouble otherwise…

​Inspired by creepy/bad edutainment games from the 90s, Baldi’s Basics is a meta horror game that’s really weird, with no real educational value to be found. Collect all 7 of the notebooks and escape the school, all while avoiding Baldi. Baldi has many friends in the school that will slow down your progress and put you at risk of being caught, so learn how each character works and how you can use them to your advantage. Find items and use them wisely to better your chances of winning. This game is fun, creepy, really weird, and free, so go ahead and check it out!

The original version of Baldi’s Basics in Education and Learning, which was created for the 2018 Meta Game Jam, became a viral hit and has since
Won 2nd place overall in the 2018 Meta Game Jam
Reached over one million downloads
Raised over $60,000 on Kickstarter to fund the creation of a full game

Baldi’s Basics in Education and Learning is a state-of-the-art, fully 3D interactive, fun-time educational game that teaches a slew of subjects!
Baldi’s Basics Plus randomizes so many different things, every time you play will be a different experience!

Procedurally generated levels – The levels change every time you play! Not only will the layout change, but the types of rooms and obstacles, you find will change too!
Random events – One moment everything is fine, the next the school is flooding, or fills with fog! Random events can begin at any moment, so make sure you’re ready for them!
Mixing and matching characters – Each time you play, you’ll get to see random combination of characters.

Baldi’s Basics in Education and Learning (also called Baldi’s Basics) is a quick indie horror game. It was hurriedly slapped together in a couple of days for a contest, and it shows, yet despite this, the game has almost immediately gained a cult following for uniquely utilizing a “terrible yet nostalgic 90’s edutainment games” motif, along with creating a fandom composed mostly of people from the previous “big” indie horror games. In response, the developer greatly expanded upon it with a content update.

The player is a student at Baldi’s Schoolhouse, whose goal is to collect and fill out seven notebooks scattered about the campus (each notebook containing 3 math problems) that their friend had left in the school, but cannot get them himself due to “eating practice”. The only problem is that a few questions are unsolvable Black Speech (like in real life), and Baldi gets so mad over failing students that he feels the need to hunt them down like the survival horror monster he really is with a ruler in hand with your butt’s name on it. Meanwhile, there are other entities in the school that try to hinder your progress, such as a jump-roping girl, the school’s principal, a giant talking broom, a bully, a sock-puppet, a hug-loving Cyborg on wheels, a chalk drawing, a boy who loves bubblegum, a head in a shoe, and a creep in black. The game can be downloaded here.

In July 2018, game creator Micah McGonigal began a Kickstarter to fund and create a full retail version of Baldi’s Basics, which would tentatively include new features such as new characters and items, randomly generated levels with new rooms featuring new mechanics, random in-game events to change up the gameplay, and “field trip” bonus rounds to unlock buffs in the main game. A proof-of-concept demo of the camping bonus round can be found here. The Kickstarter was successful, with a total of $61,375 raised for the project.

In April 2019, an update to the original game titled “Baldi’s Basics: 1 Year Birthday Bash” was released. It adds some new elements to fit the birthday aesthetic, but more importantly adds a new ending. August 2019 saw the release of the full game’s first demo, which includes one level and features many features that are planned to be included in the final game, with a second Kickstart backer-exclusive demo to come later (which is, the 2nd of November 2019). The public demo can be found here