baldi vs monika rap battle in this video game rap battle!
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The Stupendium as baldi basics►
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Mixed and Mastered by Freshy Kanal►
Beat produced by Hollywood Legends
Additional Editing by Sam Connor►

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About VideoGameRapBattles
How’s it going everyone? Cam here, rapper and creator of VideoGameRapBattles. Video Game Rap Battles is a series that pits two popular gaming characters against each other in an epic rap battle. These rapping battles span from Classic Nintendo, to Modern Triple A, to Indie Horror, so be sure to suggest which gaming icon you would like to see rap in the comments! This VGRB features baldi from baldi basics which is growing in popularity from baldi mods again. This baldi basics rap battle is a baldi song that is baldi vs monika from ddlc. Monika from doki doki literature club or also known as ddlc is the president of her club and is famous for her just monika catch phrase. who will win this baldi basics vs monika ddlc rap battle?

baldi is the titular character of the baldi basics series. He is the head teacher of the Schoolhouse and Super Schoolhouse, giving the Player math problems in the You Can Think Pad or Math Machine to solve in notebooks before they can collect them. As the whole game is not what it first seems, a twist reveals that he is the active main antagonist angered when a single mistake by the Player is made, at least by answering a single math question wrong.

monika is the poster girl of Doki Doki Literature Club! and one of the five members and the President of the Literature Club. monika ddlc is the driving force of the game, instructing the club members to practice writing poems until the club festival which itself facilitates and develops the characters and story.

baldi vs monika rap battle