BALDI STOLE MY CHIPS | New Baldi’s Basics Mod | The Frustrated Gamer is back for a new Baldi’s Basics mod called The Baldi Loves Chip mod! Baldi Loves Potato Chips and I noticed Kindly Keyin playing this Baldi’s Basics In Education And Learning Mod so I figured I’d give it a try! We need to collect all 7 notebooks to help open Baldi’s Potato Chips! Will I show you all how to beat baldi’s basics or will baldi get me again! Let’s Play Baldi’s Basics mod with The Frustrated Gamer where BALDI STOLE MY CHIPS!
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► Below is a link to the new Baldi’s Basics mod where BALDI LOVES CHIP!

Thank you so much for watching The Frustrated Gamer try to escape another friendly Baldi’s Basics mod! Baldi Loves Potato Chips and we need to help!