BALDI QUIT HIS JOB | New Baldi’s Basics Mod: Baldi Has Left | Today The Frustrated Gamer is back with a new Baldi’s Basics Mod! This one is called Baldi Has Left or Baldi Quits his job! This is a new baldi’s basics in education and learning mod where Baldi has left the classroom and is no longer chasing you with his ruler! See if I can collect all 7 notebooks and escape this schoolhouse in this baldi’s basics with no baldi mod! Let’s Play Baldi’s Basics Mod with The Frustrated Gamer where baldi quit is job as a teacher!
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► Below is a link to the new Baldi’s Basics mod where BALDI QUIT HIS JOB:

Thank you so much for watching The Frustrated Gamer try to escape the baldi schoolhouse where Baldi Has Left the schoolhouse!