BALDI IS A DOCTOR NOW | New Baldi’s Basics Mod | Doctor Baldi’s Hospital | Today The Frustrated Gamer is back with a new Baldi’s Basics Mod with Doctor Baldi! The name of the mod is Baldi’s Hospital where Baldi is a doctor now! See if I can collect all medical 7 notebooks and escape Baldi’s Hospital mod! Baldi’s Basics In Education And Learning mods are one of my favorite games to play on The Frustrated Gamer channel and I hope you all enjoy this! Let’s Play Baldi’s Basics Mod with The Frustrated Gamer where Baldi is a doctor now!
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► Below is a link to the new Baldi’s Basics mod where Doctor Baldi chases us in his hosptial:

Thank you so much for watching The Frustrated Gamer try to escape the baldi’s Hospital in this new Baldi’s Basics Mod!