BALDI GAVE ME 4 SHINY QUARTERS | New Baldi’s Basics Mod | The Frustrated Gamer is back for a new baldi’s basics in education and learning mod and today I will be playing Baldi’s Basics V1.7! This is a baldi’s basics decompiled mod where baldi gives out 4 shiny quarters instead of 1! We also need to collect 10 notebooks in baldi’s basics instead of the usual 7! Can I make it out of this crazy trolling baldi’s basics mod or will baldi win again? Let’s play baldi’s basics in education and learning with The Frustrated Gamer!

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► Below is a link to the funny Baldi’s Basics troll mod!

Thank you so much for watching The Frustrated Gamer try to escape this funny baldi’s basics mod where trolling baldi gave me 4 shiny quarters!