Baldi basics invades super smash bros. Does your favorite character survives baldi wrath in this terrifying story of betrayal,sacrifice, and despair? Click the video to find out!
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All characters, sounds, and music belong to their respective owners
Super Smash Bros Melee Multi Man

Super Smash Bros Melee Final Destination

Donkey Kong Sprites By: chrispriter martinez
Pikachu Sprites By: tebited15
Samus Sprites By: ZinDinTimeYUM
(Fun Facts)
1.I personally pixalized the baldi characters so their sprites would look pretty along with the ssb characters (Next time I’ll get level up custom pieces).It took a day and a half to do.
2.This was my first time animating with 3-D and I may use it more in future animations
3.This animation would of been done weeks ago but I kept getting discouraged from the constant technical issues I came across, particular the audio which would lag behind the video in flash but FINALLY I found solutions to the problems and hopefully it’s the last I’ll have to do with them.
4.Each character I had to do some type of customized piece to it because my brain won’t allow me to be lazy(most of the time).

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